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GINI Webmail is designed to help your organization improve communication efficiency by providing your staff with tools they need to deliver fast, effective and safe Email. Some of the core features include
Features of the Tool:

      Webmail built from the reliable Uebimiau script used for years from thousands of server’s world wide.

Send Mail

      We use the latest phpmailer available to help you get your mail out, chose from SMTP, PHP mail, Sendmail or Qmail. the latest security. Upload attachments send to CC or BBC Html or Text, create a signature, change Priority or send a read receipt.

Create New Mail

      Use our TinyMCE web based JavaScript HTML WYSIWYG editor to format your mail just like a word document, copy cut and paste with a Google built in spell checker.


      Create any number of folders to save mail into categories or Names, use a filter to automatically move mail to a folder.


      Search from, subject or the body of any email in any folder to recall important meetings or just a funny joke.

Group Chat

      Chat with your company staff, clients or family and friends. Upload photos or files use emotions and smileys.

Event Calendar

      Our new full size calendar with events for each user, create an event for any day or time.


       Change a whole slew of preferences from cosmetic to security including spam filters, automatically move mail, change from several skins colors, block images and change your chat name and more.


      Keep tabs with your office workers or friends with our new address book, in either list or card style, even upload a photo and write notes.

Administation Panel

      Instead of using FTP you can now Change all settings from the administration panel, perform backups, and reset the chat room, view logs and use the file manager to change any file.

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The service is excellent and the personnel I work with are great. No request is out of the question and usually can be accomodated within the current budget and in a reasonable timeframe. Very responsive team and easy company to work with. I enjoy our partnership

GEPL, Chennai

Dear Ram, I have been impressed with your approach and, from what I have seen to date, I have in fact already forwarded your name to both potential clients and candidates.

JG (Partnership Secretary)

A great customer experience! The flexability and speed of response from the technical team, as well as the quality of the reports and reporting was exceptional.

- Align Team

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